Meet the Doctor

Dr. Stuart Lakernick, D.C.

Dr. Stuart Lakernick is a chiropractic functional neurologist who has been in practice since 1992. The Lakernick Brain Center practices functional neurology in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and severe concussions. This is not chiropractic care in the traditional sense; There are no adjustments to the spine. Dr. Lakernick hopes to restore hope to those who are still suffering and have no place to go.

Dr. Lakernick suffered from severe migraines as a child but found no relief from pharmaceutical and traditional healthcare. After years of unbearable pain, he was referred to a chiropractor who provided the relief he had needed for so many years. This entire experience motivated him to pursue a career in healthcare.



Dr. Lakernick completed his undergraduate degree at Temple University in 1980 and worked in Atlantic City for a few years. He then began studying at Life Chiropractic College in 1988. Subsequently, he returned to school to earn a secondary degree in neurology from Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis.

Outside of the practice, Dr. Lakernick teaches undergraduate anatomy and physiology at Rowan University. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and boating.

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