Brain Power

Brain Power

The brain is made to deliver so much more than we actually allow it to. The ability of the brain has always been underestimated. The brain, come to think of it, is the powerhouse to our wellbeing and it is what actually drives our entire life.

It is easy to have a passive brain because it actually requires no effort. An everyday brain that runs unconsciously in the background to keep you alive and healthy. But too much of it is devoted to habits, old conditioning, and unconscious reflexes. Having a passive mind is easy some even operate on automatic pilot and it’s only human to look for an easy way out, that’s why a great percentage of people are comfortable with the passive mind.

Making use of the much underestimated brain power calls for much consciousness of how you use your brain. This is achievable by deliberate training and exercising the brain. Thanks to a line of research that looks into the brain power of Buddhist monks — who have devoted their lives to the practice of meditation, compassion and non-attachment — we now know that the brain changes that result from years of mindfulness practices is beyond imagination

You can change the brain’s structure and functioning. Brain studies by neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson reveal that years of meditative practice can dramatically increase neuroplasticity- the brain’s ability to use new experiences or environments to create structural changes by creating new neural connections.

Simply being conscious of what goes on in your brain and years of meditation training can profoundly result in a phenomenon known as “perceptual rivalry,” which takes place when two different images are presented to each eye — the brain fluctuates, in a matter of seconds, in the dominant image that is perceived. It is thought to be related to brain mechanisms that underlie attention and awareness.

Brain power is achieved by putting your brain into action and by being mindful and conscious. After training your mind to be active one’s capacity of happiness usually increases and one experiences reduced tendency towards negativity. Involving yourself in critical thinking actually solves more problems than you trying out different things because most of them fail leading to frustration. Take your time to think especially in achieving long term goals. Explore your mind first as it has more than enough resources, think over and over and you will end up with a much simpler life thanks to an active mind

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