What to Expect

What To Expect


Day 1 – Plan on spending several hours at the office for your first visit. Dr Lakernick will do a consultation, complete health history, and a extensive diagnostic exam of your neurological health and health imbalances. He will then create a treatment plan specifically based on those results and your history. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may start on 1-2 treatments each lasting approximately 1 hour that same day.

Day 2-5 – You will spend a good part of your day in the office receiving up to 4 aggressive treatments. You will have at least 1 hour break in between for rest and lunch.

Day 5 – Dr Lakernick will complete additional diagnostic exams to establish how effective the treatments were and what still needs to be addressed. The results are truly objective, not subjective. We will then discuss your plan of action how frequently to schedule follow up visits, as well as a detailed at home exercise plan to be performed several times a day at home.



Simply showing up for your appointments without putting in the effort with the home exercise plan will not be enough to create permanent change as the majority of work must be completed at home between visits.

We offer non-invasive, non pharmaceutical treatments using an unorthodox approach in analyzing the brain. While traditional neurology diagnostics and treatments utilize MRI’s and CT scans, the Lakernick Brain Center uses the combinations of old and new technologies such as VNG, dynamic postureography, gait analysis, The Cadwell Sierra wave, and Dynavision testing.

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